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Energy and Sustainability

Focused on leveraging our specialized knowledge and our deep relationship network to invest across the energy spectrum

Experience. Knowledge. Relationships.

ARC is focused on investing in conventional oil and gas and in sustainable energy industries. Located in Calgary, the heart of the Canadian energy sector, ARC has access to attractive, competitive opportunities and a pool of talented and experienced entrepreneurs. 

oil and gas

The upstream oil and gas sector includes finding and extracting reserves of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. We focus on a variety of geologic play types and commodities, cost discipline, environmental responsibility and adoption of innovative technology. ARC does not invest in oil sands reserves.


With a demand for a modernized, retooled equipment fleet and technological solutions that lower costs for operations, ARC’s oilfield service strategy focuses on uncovering the trends below the surface and adapting to the ever changing needs of the industry.

energy transition

 As the world transitions from fossil-based fuels to low carbon and more sustainable energy systems, it creates an exciting and rapidly growing area of new investment.


ARC's investible universe includes upstream renewable assets, energy storage, biofuels and carbon capture; along with all related services, manufacturing and infrastructure.

executive in residence

Propriety deal origination and an Executive in Residence (EIR) program are key differentiators of our investment strategy. ARC’s EIR program involves ARC partnering with high potential CEOs and management team members within our offices during the formative stages of an investment concept to refine the business plans, assess the opportunities and build out the teams. This program has successfully originated investments with over $2 billion of total capital commitments.