A Chocolate Shop on Coral Way is Celebrating it’s 18th Birthday!

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A chocolate shop in Miami is celebrating it’s 18th birthday!

"I feel accomplished. I feel happy, and I'm proud," said Maria Alexandra Perez-Mendoza, owner of Romanicos Chocolate.

Her and her team pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients and making the product by hand from start to finish.

The cocoa beans come from Venezuela, but everything is made at her shop located on Coral Way.

"Venezuelan soil has the particularity that the cocoa bean is not bitter," said Perez-Mendoza.

After sampling a few truffles, Melissa Marrero and Perez-Mendoza  make one of their popular items, chocolate bars. 

A box of chocolate can send array of messages: I love you, I’m sorry, thank you, or just because. There are so many ways to get chocolate wasted, but one of my favorite chocolate boxes is the Women Empowerment Box. Under every chocolate, there’s a beautiful message to remind you that you are worth it.

"These specially, are very close to my heart because I feel like every woman, including myself, sometimes we are focusing on others. On the children, on the husband, and we forget about who we are. So this box is to remember, every woman out there, that you are worth it, you are beautiful, and you deserve it," says Perez-Mendoza.

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