Collector, Jorge Perez, Announces New Art Space in Allapattah

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Welcome to El Espacio 23, the latest project of billionaire real estate developer Jorge Perez. Named for its location on northwest 23rd street in industrial Allapattah, the private museum is designed to showcase Perez’s contemporary art collection in a 28,000 square foot former warehouse.

"We looked at the space and the art. We thought that it would become a great exhibition place that we can share with the community. It developed into this, which is three artist residencies where they can live and work in for extended periods. And a place where we are going to get curators from around the world," said Perez.

El Espacio 23's first show, organized by Colombian curator Jose Roca, is titled “Time for Change: Art and Social Unrest in the Jorge M. Perez Collection.” It includes works by 80 artists.

 The new institution will support local artists working in public in the surrounding neighborhood of Allapattah. Perez wants to encourage the neighborhood to engage with the art as well.

"This is going to be a much more personal museum. Where we will bring in High school students, have barbecues with the community so they can experience the art," said Perez.

El Espacio 23 opens on December 2nd and it's free to enter! For more information visit:

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