Revolutionizing the Way Women Travel

Ladies! Hate over packing for vacations or business trips? Well listen up! There’s a designer clothing rental company that’s revolutionizing the way women travel. Co-founder of Lady Jetset and Florida native, Bethany Sharp, is making it easier to pack clothes and limit hauling luggage.

Through the company’s website customers can select their desired pieces and have them shipped directly to their travel or event destinations.

"We really have a goal to stick with higher end designers. Everything we carry retails over $500 in department stores. A lot of the dresses and items we carry you will see in Saks, Neiman, or intermix. We want to stick to that higher end designer aspect, the beauty is that women can rent it for a fraction of the cost", said Sharp.

If you’re worried about selecting the right size, you can consult an online size chart or set up a call with a style adviser who works with the company!

"Women can schedule a facetime appointment, and she can guarantee your size and fit. That's also another fear for women, will it fit", said Sharp.

Though Lady Jetset isn’t the only concierge fashion-rental service, it is among the few that partners with hotels like the Mondrian South Beach.

"Women will now have the opportunity to open up their closet and get to their South Beach hotel, and realize last minute that they want a designer dress the same day. They can get it straight to their room", said Sharp

For more information visit the company's website at:

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