The Roast With The Most; Dwyane Wade Honored!

Retired Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade was at the 1 South Beach Hotel in style for his celebrity roast. It’s the third edition of the Jason Jackson Celebrity Roast, this time focused on D-Wade and benefiting the Wade Family Foundation.

"I've never been to a roast, I've seen a few on TV. I've always wanted to be part of a roast. A lot of the things we do, especially in this format, is for our community and it goes back into our community. So, i'll take some jokes and I get hit with some jokes to be able to raise some money to give back to our community," said Wade.

"The Jax Fam Foundation, we host it but we give all the money away. If you're going to sit on that stage for 90-minutes and get your soul ripped out, you get a nice check for it. Dwyane obviously exploited his talent on the court but because of that he was able to reach in our community and change lives and is still doing it," said Jason Jackson, Miami Heat TV host and reporter.

Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat player and one of the roasters, shared his favorite thing from the whole event.

"I haven't spent time with my dawg, one of my best friends, my brother, my mentor. I'm glad that I get to be around (Wade), I really am," said Butler.

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