Apple’s New Way To Play Games

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Apple’s swift strike is just a prototype but this simple demo could usher in an entirely new way to play games.

"What you see on that iPad is not really there. But you get it in your mind that it is, so you become immersed in this whole other world," said YouTube star Justine Ezarik.

Apple is adding two new tools to their software suite for app developers. One allows anyone with a recent iPhone to use motion capture. That means you can create similar effects Hollywood studios have had for years!

"Having motion capture in your pocket.. It’s it’s mind blowing," said Ezarik.

Another - more technical feature - is called People Occlusion, a fancy term that means real people can appear in front of or behind virtual content and it looks natural.

The game has you use your iPad to virtually push a giant ball to knock down your opponents pins.

"Actually being able to physically push something and use the vibration motion to feel when you hit the ball is what took it to the next level of fun," said YouTube star Marques Brownlee.

"I think VR is incredible but with this it doesn't take you out of your world… you’re still there.. you’re a part of it… it’s something that you can do so much with… that i can’t wait for the future of it," added Ezarik.

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