Keeping Your Teens Healthy Physically & Mentally

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If your teens are around this summer and have some free time, why not help them improve their wellness? Health and wellness coach Nikki Levine, the founder of Nikki Wellness, has a teen wellness program.

"In dealing with so many different age of clients, I really have every age group ranging from 13 to mid-60's to early 70's. My passion is to get to these teenagers at an earlier age so they can learn what a healthy-balanced lifestyle looks like," said Levine.

One of the key components to teen health is managing stress.

"Yes, they are more stressed out than ever! I know I wouldn't be able to handle the load they have now. Everything is competitive, you add in social media, it's just crazy to handle sometimes. I try to strike a balance with them, bring it back to a place of gratitude. A lot of teens are busy comparing themselves, so I recommend them to start a gratitude journal. Even if you write two or three times before bed. Some positive 'I am' statements like-' I am a great friend' or 'I am a hard worker', those positive statements that make them feel good before bed," said Levine.

Healthy eating prominently into making your teens feel better physically and emotionally. And Nikki has menu recipes to get them on their way.

"I love setting them up for healthy breakfasts. I'll sit with them and we'll make egg-muffin cups, cheesy pudding, over-night oats or smoothies. They love doing that when they go home and their mom and dad's love it because they come home saying, 'Can you please get me these ingredients so I can make them myself,' said Levine.

Nikki will soon be launching an online teen wellness course. So she can work with your children no matter where they are.

For more about Nikki and how she can help you and your loved ones, head to

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