Bean Automotive Group’s Wellness Initiatives

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Bean Automotive Group is one of the most successful companies in South Florida. And a big reason why is because the company value its employees’ health and well-being. In fact, the Bean’s wellness initiative is very important to them.

"Wellness is not something for the company that we can limit to health in terms of your weight or in terms of your physical activity. We've realized that the automotive industry is an industry where associates have a good amount of time that they're there with the customers. Sometimes it's a little challenging taking that meal-break or taking time for themselves. We try to help them create that work-life balance to make things easier for them," said Jiselle Perez, Director of H.R. 

Bean takes the wellness initiative one step farther. The company even has doctors and medical personnel available to employees.

"We have doctor come out on sight to speak to our associates about sleeping disorders and how to get a good night sleep, and how important that is for your health. It's about caring for the associate completely," said Perez. 

It's not just physical health that’s important, mental and emotional health are key components of this initiative.

"We realize that it doesn't stop with health in terms of nutrition and activity. We also want to care for them in terms of mental and emotional help. We have our Employee Assistance program available to our associates," said Perez.

And Bean finds that it’s employees truly appreciate the efforts the company makes to look after them.

"At the beginning when we first started, we had to entice them to come into the events, now they wait for them. I think they really appreciate all of the work and attention that goes into it. They realize that it's not something that happens overnight or a snap of finger and that we really care about them as a company," said Perez.

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