Popsicles You Need To Try This Summer!

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Nothing says summertime like popsicles! Especially ones filled with booze. Meet Amanda Ferrier, co-owner of The Popcycle Bar. Her and her husband offer elevated versions of the favorite childhood treat.

"The Popcycle Bar started in 2014 on the island of St. Martin. We had a little tricycle, we were going up and down the boardwalk. My husband and I were selling them to the tourists and then it just really expanded. We started distributing to restaurants, bars, hotels, doing events, weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. Then unfortunately Hurricane Irma struck and so we had to leave the island and restart the brand here in South Florida," said Ferrier.

The Popcycle Bar offers over 30 unique flavors.

"Mainly we have alcohol-infused, we also have kid-friendly options so that we can be open to everyone. We just started to do some CBD infused popsicles which have 20 mg of CBD inside. Our most popular alcohol-infused popsicle is called the 'Invisible Bikini'. It's a raspberry margarita made with patron tequila and we also have a strawberry-mojito. In addition, we're adding more creamy flavors like tiramisu where we soak the lady finger in a coffee rum. We have a banana foster where we flambe the banana.  So we try to create unique flavors for people to enjoy," said Ferrier.

The pops are brought to you, you can also find them at restaurants and hotels around South Florida.

"We distribute to Beach House in Pompano. They actually have three of our flavors. They put them in a glass of prosecco, so it's really nice on a hot summer day. We also distribute our CBD-infused popsicles to Kush in Wynwood. They carry and rotate a few of our flavors. Right now, we're just looking for more distribution locations, we have some hotels- Chops + Hops also uses us in one of their cocktails. It's a very unique and versatile product," said Ferrier.

If you want to learn more about their flavors and how to order the popsicles. Here's how you do it!

"We're all over social-Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the username the Popcycle Bar. If you send us a message, we'll reply directly. If you go to our website you'll be able to shop their to create your order and we'll delivery directly wherever you are in Miami, Broward or West Palm.

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