Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami is our Local Hero

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami is the premier nonprofit mentoring organization in South Florida. It serves more than 4,000 children and teens each year.

As a big brother or big sister, you can step up and impact a member of the community.

We were at the advance screening of Spider-Man Far From Home and met a big and little sister from the organization, Selena and Ashley. And just like our friendly neighborhood hero, Spiderman, I had to ask Selena what it felt like being a hero to her ‘little sister.’

"With her, it's been incredible because it's like a time machine. Her and I have a really good relationship. I got with her when she was in middle school and now she's a junior in high school. Seeing her grow, meeting her milestones, going through personal things, I'm holding her hand all the way through it. I don't want her to feel alone," said Selena Lopez, "Big", Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami.

Selena got into the organization as a little and her experience impacted her so much that she eventually wanted to become a "Big" to Ashley. 

"I grew up in Big Brothers Big Sisters. I did the three programs and in all of them, I had great "Bigs." They impacted me, they guided me, and I'm first generation of going to school so I had more guidance and I had a friend. The staff of Big Brothers Big Sisters and my Big inspired me to work for nonprofit. Once I turned 18, I wanted to be a Big. I found out about Ashley and her story...I wanted to impact her like they impacted me," said Lopez.

And for Ashley, she is thankful that she got Selena as her big. 

"The best thing is that I got her because she's amazing and she's a role model," said Ashley Castelan, "Little", Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami.

If you want to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters or want to learn more about the organization you can go to bbbsmiami.Org. 

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