Bean Automotive Group’s Partnership With “Live Like Bella”

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Bean Automotive Group has a huge presence in South Florida. But they’re most than just an auto dealership company. They are very active in the local non-profit community, and Bean is honored to work with the Children’s Cancer Foundation “Live Like Bella.”

"Bean Automotive Group's vision is to be the leading automotive group, to serve our customer's associates and communities. We really want to be able to make a difference in things that the community is really impacted by. Nowadays, you're hearing so many stories about childhood cancer, children that are being impacted by this disease and families whose lives are being turned upside down. To be able to partner with a "Live Like Bella" Foundation and make an impact in the families' lives, it's a privilege and honor to be able to be a part of that," said Jiselle Perez, H.R. Director, Bean Automotive Group.

One of Bella’s signature events is their Superhero 5K. And Bean Automotive is thrilled to be part of that wonderful initiative.

"The 5k is an annual event and we do it at Zoo Miami. It's an opportunity, not just for Bean Automotive Group to give to this important cause, but it's an opportunity for us to do it together with our families and loved ones. So we get our children, our significant others out there and we walk for a cure. Every dollar that we raise, everything that we contribute goes towards this worthy cause. It's an opportunity to expand the effort, the numbers and the masses," said Perez.

Bean stays involved with Bella throughout the year, and participates in many of their endeavors.

"The sock drive is one of their fundraisers and it usually happens right before Bella's Ball in September. We put the socks out in all of our dealerships for sale, our associates all purchase socks and then we have that one day that we all wear them. This cause hits so close to home that many of our associates purchase socks for their children, for their grandchildren, and for their spouse.

As for the future of this incredible partnership, Bean Automotive wants to keep doing its part to help “Live Like Bella" thrive.

"The ultimate goal is to make childhood cancer a curable disease so that children can be children. We want to remove that burden from families, parents and children so that they can live the life of a child," said Perez.

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