Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season at Chotto Matte on Miami Beach

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Right off Lincoln road is a culinary gem called Chotto Matte. The eatery serves a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavor and in honor of cherry blossom season in Japan, Chotto Matte launched a spring menu filled with sweet and savory dishes.

Spearheading the kitchen is head chef Anderson Osorio.

"Today we are making blossom tempura, it's beef juice and little bit of Japanese flour. First you start by dipping the shrimp in flour and then the beef juice. With regular flour you won't have the right texture, so that's why we use Japanese flour instead, it comes out more crispy [then we fry it]. Lastly, we add a little bit of spicy mayo over to finish it off, " said Osorio.

Next-the Spring Maki roll.

"First you start by wetting your hands, then you take about 5-6 ounces of rice and then you spread it from top to bottom. Next we add blue-fin tuna, which comes from Japan as well. Then we add a little bit of chiso and finish it off with some cucumber and then that's it, you roll it in. The Chotto Matte signature roll is the shape of a little flower. Then we marinate it in cherry juice," said Osorio.

Chotto Matte is offering the colorful spring menu until the end of June.

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