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For local high students, there’s a great opportunity for them to network and learn vital skills to help them in college and beyond. It’s called Project Leadership and it was created by Scott Brook back in 2003.

"We've helped mentor about a thousand individuals since we got started and we're having our 29th Project Leadership. We teach the kids about communication skills, public speaking, finance, many things that they don't necessarily teach you in school. Our next program is coming up shortly and I am very excited," said Brook.

There are upcoming sessions on March 13th and 19th, both in Coral Springs, but open to any South Florida high school student, and Scott believes the students who attend will benefit greatly.

"They get to be themselves. They get to be heard. They get to build their self-esteem. We have had shy kids become a lot less shy, we've had leaders become much better leaders, and we've had everyone in between bust out of their comfort zone. They have this opportunity in a safe place to speak in public, learn about public speaking, and really engage and be with other people and not just be texting all the time," said Brook.

Scott loves the opportunity to help set these students up for success, and when he sees the student's success, it makes it all worth it.

"They are so appreciative of the opportunity to network and learn about things they wouldn't learn about in high school. Our next program, on March 13th, we are talking about college readiness. They just get opportunities to learn and grow and develop that they don't get in high school. They get it for free, they get service hours, and they get a free dinner," said Brook.

Project Leadership is not only a valuable opportunity for students, its also a chance for sponsors to get more included with the community.

For more information about attending or sponsoring Project Leadership, call 954-494-9872 or email

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