Inside South Florida: Joseph Gormley

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Born and raised in Scotland, Joseph Gormley is a South Floridian who’s a janitor at Park Trails Elementary School and an artist. But not just any artist. His artwork serves a special purpose.

"People need help and I can put paint on a canvas and if I do it for other people's needs, I get rewarded in some ways some people might not understand," says Joseph Gormley.

Joseph started painting in 2006 and he’s been painting for charity since 2012. In that time his paintings have raised money for Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital, The Conine Clubhouse, The Marlins Foundation, The Florida Panthers Foundation, The Boys and Girls Clubs, Broward Health and more.

"So far for the four years I've been doing this I've raised just short of 300,000, my goal is to hit one million," says Gormley.

With all the artwork he’s done, there is one piece that means the most to him.

"The Florida Marlins with the original logo was signed by someone I really cared about Jeff Courtney. He's the man who is really responsible for opening up doors, and putting his arms around me and showing me how to help people," says Gormley.

To learn more about Joseph and to contact him, head to Joseph

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