Oops! Cars show why you should never park on a frozen lake

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Lake Geneva (Photo courtesy Mark Zukowski)

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. — This is why you don't park on a lake.

Several cars took the plunge - literally - in Lake Geneva after falling through the lake during the city's annual Winterfest.

The cars were parked on the ice for the big event when they started to fall through the ice, according to the Lake Geneva Fire Department.

Large crowds are normally gathered at Winterfest and it's not uncommon for people to park on the ice. But Saturday's situation was different as people say there were a lot more cars coupled with the warmer weather -- it became a recipe for disaster, according to WITI.

Lake Geneva's annual Winterfest includes the U.S. National Snow Sculpting competition, human sled racing and many more winter activities.

"We've seen cars here over the years that have been parked here successfully with no problems. But when you have 12 cars all in a row, it can't be good," said Michael Fuller, witness.

No injuries were reported.

Lake Geneva courtesy Mark Zukowski


Lake Geneva courtesy Mark Zukowski


Cars fall through ice in Lake Geneva courtesy: Jessica Nieves


Lake Geneva courtesy Clay Bores


Lake Geneva cars fall through ice (WITI)


Lake Geneva courtesy Clay Bores

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