Subway $5 footlong now $6 — and the Internet is not happy

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So long $5 footlong.

Subway announced that starting on Thursday, its $5 footlongs will now be $6 as part of its “Classic Footlongs” menu.

Subway made the announcement as part of their “Sub-maggedon” promotional campaign, tweeting:

“BREAKING NEWS: Starting February 4th ALL of your favorite classic footlongs are $6” and “Watch out, it looks like the weather is going to turn into a SUB-MAGEDDON on the 4th, that means ALL of our classic, delicious footlongs are $6 each!”

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the social media reaction has not been positive.

Subway was known for the $5 footlong…guess someone’s losing money,” Jarel Ferren wrote on Subway’s official Facebook page. The company responded by saying:

“We know how much our fans have contributed to the success of the $5 footlong promotions in the past. We first launched the $5 footlong way back in 2007 and in the last 9 years our costs have gone up greatly and inflation has eroded the value of everyone’s dollar. But we are always looking for new ways to bring fans great tasting subs at a great value so we’re introducing the $6 All Classic Footlong Event for the entire month of February.”

It remains unclear what will happen to Subway’s infamous $5 footlong jingle. We’ll hope for a remix.

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