Team Bondsing — Thoughts on the Marlins hiring Bonds

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So your Miami Marlins have hired Barry Bonds to be their hitting coach. The same Barry Bonds who is major league baseball’s home run king and who may have used performance enhancing drugs. sure, it would be easy to focus on the steroid thing, even snap off a witty pun or two, but let’s stop needling bonds about that. It’s tired.

Instead, let’s discuss a potentially bigger issue.... patience. as in, Bonds never had any as a player, certainly not with the media. How long before one of the best hitters of all time loses it on some Marlins scrub who can’t get the ball out of the infield? It’s like an architect watching his son play Legos. sure, it’s cute for a bit, until dad grabs the blocks out of his kid’s hand and builds the damn shopping mall himself! Or the surgeon watching her daughter play operation, “stop hitting the wish bone!”

And what about this? Giancarlo Stanton could one day break Bonds’ home run record, yet Bonds is supposed to teach him to hit? Now, that’s a conflict of interest.

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