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Last week, on The Flash, we saw what a true dysfunctional family looks like. No, we’re not talking about the Bundy’s from Married with Children. We’re talking about the “coldest” of families, the Snart’s.

It was like any other day at S.T.A.R. Labs, except, it wasn’t.

Jay Garrick finally was given the ability to go back to his world, Earth-2, after the team located of the 52 singularity breaches that was located in the lab and used a device created by Garrick that stabilizes the time hole. However, we all know how convincing Caitlyn Snow can be.

Caitlyn is able to convince Garrick to stay with the team for just a while longer and train Barry until they defeat the demon speedster, Zoom.

It’s official, guys, we get to have TWO Flashes in the same universe! How exciting is that?

But guess who returns to Central City that same day? You can call her an old flame of Cisco’s. Lisa Snart, also known as the Golden Glider and Leonard Snart’s, Captain Cold, sister, returned seeking the help of Team Flash.

Why? Well, it seems her brother has been kidnapped and is in great danger. Barry, against his better judgment, agrees to help her find him.

They track Snart down to an empty office building where he appears to be just fine and not kidnapped. Barry feels that everything is alright, until, all of the sudden, Snart whips out his freeze ray gun and locks up the Flash in a body cast of ice.

You thought it was just another double crossing by Captain Cold alone, right? Nope! Out from the shadows comes an older gentleman donning a prisoner uniform, that man was none other than Snart’s own father, Lewis Snart.

After breaking himself out by using his own emblem to heat up his Flash suit and melts the ice surrounding his body, Barry makes his way back to S.T.A.R. Labs and immediately confronts Lisa and accuses her of setting him up. Lisa is just as taken aback as the rest of us were and swears that her brother would never work with their father.

According to Lisa, when she and Leonard were children, their father was abusive towards her and Leonard grew to hate him because of this abuse.

Throughout the episode, the team puts bits and pieces together as to why Leonard would work with his father, knowing that he holds a hatred towards him for how he treated them as kids.

After some extensive research and witnessing a decapitated body that was caused at the hands of Lewis using microscopic chemicals that can be implanted into someone’s skin and used as a bomb, they discover that Lewis had implanted those same microscopic chemicals into Lisa and forcing him to help him steal some precious diamonds, or else he would kill her.

Meanwhile, Joe confesses to Iris that her mother was never murdered and ran away from the rest of their family. Turns out that for most of her life, Iris’ mother was a drug addict that always came home intoxicated and made Joe’s life troublesome and depressed. She ran away after Joe set her up at another rehab center and is now back in Central City to redeem their trust.

The Fury of Firestorm

After careful planning, Barry figures that the only way to really stop Lewis without him or Snart killing any innocent people is to impersonate a criminal and gain Lewis’ trust. However, this didn’t go according to plan.

Lewis, after gaining access into the diamond vault, shoots Barry in cold blood. But, of course, it’s never that easy to kill a superhero, now, is it?

Turns out that Barry saw the bullet come at him in slow motion and was able to catch the bullet in his hand and fake his death. Using this time gap between him and the Snarts, he quickly changes into his Flash suit and confronts the father and son.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco invents a device that could “possibly” remove the bomb from Lisa’s skin, with many risks that outweigh the positives. The process left us with our hearts racing, fearing that the slightest touch would set off the bomb inside Lisa.

Stalling Lewis long enough, Barry gave Cisco the opportunity to remove the bomb safely from Lisa, rendering Lewis’ hold over his son useless. But before Barry could apprehend the demented father, Leonard uses his cold gun to shoot a hole right through his father’s chest, killing him.

After things settle down, Leonard and Lisa both leave Central City, respectively, and agree to stay away from the Flash and his team.

However, remember Dr. Stein’s little episode he had at the end of last week’s show? Well, it came back.

During another one of his talks with the team, he passes out after spontaneously combusting into blue flames. This puts the professor into a deep coma.

And on top of all that, through the portal that leads to Earth-2 comes their version of Dr. Harrison Wells. What’s his business with Earth-1 and why is he there?

The Fury of Firestorm

On tonight’s episode of The Flash, the team finds out that Dr. Stein is in need of a partner that can harness the powers of radiation so that they can form to make a new Firestorm. They find that partner in the form of Jefferson “Jax” Jackson.

But will Jax be the right match for Dr. Stein? Or will things “blow up” in the team’s face?

Find out on an ALL-NEW episode of The Flash TONIGHT at 8 p.m. on SFL-TV, the CW!

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