Sesame Street introduces ‘Julia,’ its first muppet with autism

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“Sesame Street” has always cast a wide net, making sure to represent as many different experiences as possible with their diverse cast and Muppets. And it’s broadening its reach once again by adding Julia, a Muppet girl on the autism spectrum, to the cast.

The addition is part of “Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children” campaign, which aims to raise awareness about issues that face children on the autism spectrum and increase representation of characters with autism.

According to Sesame Workshop’s press release, they “will also develop resources for families of children with autism to help them reduce the stress of everyday routines.”

The first look at Julia comes from a new section on the “Sesame Street” website that’s designed for children with autism. Right now, she’s exclusively in the show’s online resources, but she could eventually make an appearance on “Sesame Street” as well.

“Sesame Workshop is uniquely positioned to play a meaningful role in increasing peoples’ understanding about autism,” says Sherrie Westin, executive VP of Sesame Workshop. “This project is an extension of the belief we’ve always promoted: ‘we are all different, but all the same.’ I am passionate about this initiative, and am so proud of the partnerships with the autism community that have led to this.”

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