Disney goes to surge pricing for annual passes

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ORLANDO, FL – Heigh-ho, heigh-ho. The money people at Walt Disney are mining for more cash, and they’re digging into the surge-pricing vein to get it.

Surge pricing. It’s nothing new. Uber uses it. So do airlines and hotels.

It sits at the economic crossroads of supply and demand, where more demand for a fixed product usually means higher prices.

Disney’s idea is to cut the price of tickets on slower days and raise prices or increase restrictions on busier days. This would make weekday visits by middle-income families more affordable and less crowded.

Record attendance at Disney parks in recent years has made the mouse’s corporate offices the happiest place on earth. Disney is also changing its popular “annual passports” by replacing the “premium” pass for Disneyland with two options.

The Disney Signature pass costs $849 and is not valid for some days during the winter holiday. The Disney Signature Plus will set you back $1,049 and have no black-out days. And for $1,439 you can get the Disney Premier Passport, good at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, every day, all year ‘round.

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